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Datto L8 Switch

Datto Networking

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Things you need to know before you purchase:

  • All Datto Devices purchased through Multilink have a Monthly or Annual Subscription Fee.
  • Once you purchase a device, We will ship the unit and request you to provide your name, email and phone to access your device.
  • If you try to import the Datto device to your network, it will give you an error “Device owned by another user”
  • Only Multilink can add devices your network. We act as your service provider.
  • You cannot import Datto devices to Open Mesh Cloudtrax network. Open Mesh devices are no longer being manufactured.
  • You can import your Open mesh devices to Datto Cloud network on special request. A monthly/ Annual subscription fee applies to these imported devices.
  • If you already have a datto network and would like get the ownership of the new devices, you can make a special request for ownership transfer. The request will be considered and approved/denied case by case basis.
  • If you need any additional information. Please reach us before purchase.

Extra Information

Datto Networking