PPC is an innovative, reliable solutions supplier to next generation wireless and broadband service providers. For more than 80 years, PPC established itself as a premier innovator within the communications space. As an early innovator of connectors used in CATV and digital cable systems, PPC has pioneered more innovations in connector technologies than any other company in the industry.
In the last decade, PPC has also become a major innovator of fiber and optical network components to the biggest telecommunications companies in the world. Through its advanced fiber test laboratory and strategic growth initiatives, PPC has rapidly expanded its product breadth - today offering comprehensive solutions for Radio Access Network, Central Office, Outside Plant, and Premises applications for network architectures of all types.
This broad range of solutions encompasses fiber product and copper product portfolios, enabling PPC to support customers regardless of network design, component needs, and future plans. Whether an inside plant application, FTTx architecture, or hybrid network topology, PPC is positioned to equip service providers, regardless of need, in all regions of the globe.

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