Tech Support

Our Network Consultation Services:

Network Design and Implementation: Create a solid foundation for your business with our expert network design and consultation services. We ensure your network is tailored to support your current needs while being scalable for future growth.

Regional Site Surveys: Understanding the regional landscape is crucial for network optimization. Our site surveys assess geographical, environmental, and infrastructure factors, allowing us to design networks that perform optimally in your specific location.

Security Assessments and Solutions: Protect your valuable assets from cyber threats with our comprehensive security assessments and solutions. Our regional approach considers local cybersecurity challenges, providing targeted solutions to keep your network secure.

Business WiFi Design: Enhance productivity with a WiFi network designed for your business. We take into account factors such as user density, device compatibility, and coverage requirements to create a tailored WiFi solution that meets the demands of your unique operations.

Fiber Projects: Experience the future of networking with our fiber solutions. We design fiber optic solutions that deliver unparalleled speed and reliability, ensuring your business is well-positioned for the digital age.

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Technical Support

At Multilink, we're committed to providing top-notch technical support for both pre and post-sale inquiries. For a seamless experience, we offer dedicated support slots priced at $150 per hour.

How it Works:

  1. Issue Assessment Call: We'll schedule a 15-minute call to understand your concerns better. This initial discussion ensures we gather the necessary information to expedite the resolution process. Book your Call here

  2. Purchase a Support Slot: Invest in peace of mind by purchasing a support slot for $150 per hour.

  3. Schedule with a Technical Support Agent: Following the assessment call, we'll efficiently schedule you with an available technical support agent. Please note that while we strive for prompt scheduling, the process may take some time due to high demand and meticulous attention to each customer's needs.