About us

Multilink Solutions Inc. is a Leading Networking Equipment provider for Wired, Wireless LAN and WAN solutions, Fiber Optic Networking, VOIP, Surveillance solutions. We offer Wireless Home / Office Solutions, Point to Point and Point to Multi-point Network equipment.

Multilink is the Master Distributor of Revo Fiber Products, Mikrotik Wireless Products and the reseller for Ubiquiti Products. Also we have all types of wireless outdoor Antenna and integrated inbuilt CPE devices and all wireless solutions. Mikrotik Routers, Switches, Wireless Products, Wireless for Small Office or Home, Accessories & Interfaces, Revo OLT, ONU, Splitters, Splicing Machine, Power Meter & OTDR. Fiber Products, Router Boards & SBC's, Surveillance & Automation, Switches, Wi-Fi Access Points, Wireless Interfaces & Radios, Network Cabling & Accessories

Multilink is having strategic partnership with world leaders in their respective fields of products / services for design and delivery. The leading companies with whom Multilink is associated are Mikrotik, Revo, Ubiquiti, Netgear, Edimax, Alfa Networks, Cambium, Grandstream, Datto Networking, Itelite, Netonix, Mimosa, Open-Mesh, RF Elements, Engenius, Shireen etc…..