Mikrotik CRS320-8P-8B-4S+RM

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Cable management can get really exhausting. But it doesn’t have to. Our first PoE++ or switch can make your cable management so much easier, as it can output enough power for all your hotel, conference hall, office and high-rise building needs!

4K security cameras with built-in winter heating elements, LED ad screens, PoE-powered light fixtures – CRS320 can output
up to 90W per port, enough even for the most demanding devices! It comes with a reliable 600 W power supply, but we’ve reserved an expansion slot for an additional PSU, in case you need to raise the power output to 1150 W.


At its core, this convenient switch has a phenomenal Marvel switch-chip – the same one you’ve seen in ISP bestsellers like the netPower 16P and netFiber 9! It can handle the heaviest loads, including VLAN-filtering and hardware-offloaded Layer-3 routing.

If you’ve been looking for a way to simplify your cable management – this is it! With a single CRS320, you can ditch that endless mess of DC power adapters and start living the clean minimalist PoE dream.


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