Open-Mesh G200

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Part Number: G200
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The G200 integrates seamlessly with Open Mesh access points, switches and CloudTrax, Open Mesh’s cloud-based dashboard. Each device includes a free lifetime license for CloudTrax, with management features like NAT routing, DHCP server, VPN client (with point-to-point coming soon), VLAN tagging, Quality of Service rules and more. From a single dashboard, you can now manage your entire network across every network around the world.

The G200 features a quad-core processor with integrated hardware offload engine, so you can run deep packet inspection and QoS and still get line rate gigabit throughput. It has 4 LAN ports, 2 WAN ports (1 SFP and 1 GigE), 1 USB port and a tri-color LED status indicator for easy troubleshooting. 2 LAN ports can be configured as passive PoE ports, so the G200 can power the A42 and A62 access points for simple small office setups.

Downloads: Datasheet   |   Quick Start Guide



CLOUD MANAGED Build, manage and monitor your entire network from any browser or mobile device with a lifetime license to CloudTrax.
ROBUST CONTROL Manage NAT routing, DHCP server, VPN client (point-to-point coming soon), Quality of Service and more.
POWERFUL A quad-core processor with integrated hardware offload engine, so you can run deep packet inspection and QoS and still get full gigabit throughput.
ZERO-TOUCH DEPLOYMENT Configure a router from anywhere without touching it, making remote deployments easy.
SEAMLESS Seamlessly integrate with Open Mesh access points and switches and manage the entire network from a single dashboard.
POWER YOUR DEVICES Power access points and other passive PoE-compatible devices on the network with two passive PoE Ports.
CUSTOM BRANDABLE Fully brand both the hardware and cloud controller, making the G200 ideal for systems integrators, resellers and IT consultants. Learn more.
FREE FOR LIFE Your lifetime CloudTrax license is included. That means no recurring fees.

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